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Air conditioners are essential for every household. We realize the inconvenience caused by a sudden breakdown of air conditioners, especially during the peak warm weather. There can be numerous reasons for your air conditioner acting up. We do not expect you to detect the cause because you are not an expert, but we are. Call us today to solve all your air conditioning problems.

We are one of the best air conditioning repair and service providers throughout Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties. Not only do we look to resolve your problem ASAP, but we also make sure that you do not have to face something similar in the future. 



Leakage in air conditioning is a common problem that various reasons could have caused. The cause of leakage should be immediately detected. Don't waste your time around by hiring amateurs for this task. Hire experts like us so we can solve the problem ASAP. 


The maintenance of electronics is one of the most important things. But busy lives cannot cater to them. That's why we are here for you. Hire us to regularly maintain your air conditioners so that you don't face any problems in the future.


Clogged air conditioner drains can cause your air conditioner's performance to slow down. When this happens, give us a call so we can immediately send our best technicians to unclog your drains to allow the water to flow out of your unit and to put things back in order. 


If your thermostat is not working, we will make it work. Our technicians are trained well to solve problems related to anything, especially thermostat ones.


Without capacitors, machinery doesn't work. If your air conditioner's capacitor has broken down, call us so we can come and repair it. 


If your compressor is not working, our experts will detect what's wrong with it and fix the issue. It's our specialty to do things in a manner that will help us gain your trust for future projects. 

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