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Problems occur in every household which, if not sorted at the right time, become the big ones. If you are on the hunt to search for boiler repairs around your area, we got you sorted. We offer all kinds of boiler repair services that you need at Peek hills, NY, and lower Hudson valley. 

For whatever problem you are encountering with your boiler, our service will provide you with a viable solution for it. Our team consists of expert technicians here to help you and ensure your home is back in good working order.



You can do different visual checks or correct pressure points if possible, but if the problem you are facing does not get solved, Our technical experts will make sure to help you in this so that you don't have to spend a huge amount of money on buying a new boiler.


Low pressure can often be treated at home without requiring the services of a professional. To do so, test your tap water temperature, allow the water to run until it's fully hot, and adjust the thermostat. If the problem is still not resolved, our technicians are trained to help you and will surely solve the problem.


There are tons of reasons that can lead to this problem. Hence, don't waste your time trying to detect the issue and call our company to avail our boiler repair services at your doorstep. Our technicians will not only detect and solve your problem but will also ensure that you don't have to face it again in the future. 

Even if your boiler is acting up for reasons apart from those mentioned above, don't worry, as we have covered you all. The technicians at Metro-Aire will resolve all your boiler problems so you can enjoy as much warm water as you'd like! 

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